If you've done a DNA test you can sell your de-identified data to researchers, helping science and potentially earning back the cost of the test itself. Your data is valuable!


Are you a DNA data owner? If you have done a genetic test, you are!

Scientific researchers and pharmaceutical labs are in need of a diverse sample of genomic data. You can get paid for helping researchers find better treatments and cures for diseases by sharing your DNA test results.


Interested in buying DNA data?

DNA data buyers can customize filtered searches from a diverse sample of de-identified genomic profiles and buy DNA data directly from the data owners. Learn more about becoming a Gene-Chain DNA data buyer.


EncrypGen in the News

EncrypGen in the News

How it works

If you have had your DNA tested you may upload your raw DNA data file and create a Gene-Chain profile now. EncrypGen de-identifies the raw DNA data file by stripping it away from name, email, and other sensitive information. DNA data buyers search Gene-Chain profiles suitable for their projects and purchase de-identified genomic data with DNA tokens. Learn how

Buy DNA tokens to buy DNA data

Bitcoin (BTC), DNA tokens and soon other cryptocurrencies may be used to purchase genomic data and other DNA products and health related services in the Gene-Chain Marketplace. DNA tokens are an ERC-20 based cryptocurrency available on numerous crypto exchanges all over the world and exchangeable for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and several other altcoins.


Looking for a business partner?

EncrypGen partners with DNA and health science related product and service providers to help individuals manage their data and their health. Learn more about joining EncrypGen’s tokenized, Gene-Chain Marketplace.


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The EncrypGen Year in Review

In 2017, when we first began this journey, the idea of using blockchain to help secure and monetize individual genomic data ownership for research was still novel. We are proud to have paved the way for a flurry of imitators who have emerged since then. Few have persevered as we have to reach both the […]


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