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The DNA Marketplace

A peer-to-peer marketplace to buy and sell genomic data, health science products and services.

EncrypGen’s Gene-Chain DNA Data Marketplace connects individual DNA data owners with data buyers and other health related service providers.

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DNA Data Owners

Scientific researchers and pharmaceutical labs are in need of a diverse sample of genomic data. You can get paid for helping researchers find better treatments and cures for diseases by sharing your DNA test results. Learn more.

DNA Data Buyers

DNA data buyers can customize filtered searches from a diverse sample of de-identified genomic profiles and buy DNA data directly from the data owners. Learn more about becoming a Gene-Chain DNA data buyer.

DNA & Health Related Services

EncrypGen partners with DNA and health science related product and service providers to help individuals manage their data and their health. Learn more about joining EncrypGen’s tokenized, Gene-Chain Marketplace.

How It Works

  • EncrypGen de-identifies the raw DNA data file by stripping it away from name, email, and other sensitive information.
  • DNA data buyers search Gene-Chain profiles suitable for their projects and purchase de-identified genomic data  with DNA tokens. Learn how.




What You Need to Know About DNA Test Kits in Two Words. Opt Out.

Did You Receive a DNA Test Kit for Christmas?  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve noticed people are increasingly paying for those home DNA tests. Millions of them were purchased as gifts for the holidays and with the cost of genomic...

From Home DNA Tests to Big Pharma – There’s Big Money in Genomic Data

From Home DNA Tests to Big Pharma There’s big money in genomic data, but where is it going? Genetic tests generally don’t pose any physical risks. Send some hair, swab your inner cheek or spit in a tube and find out if you’re part Viking, Cherokee, or West African and...

EncrypGen Partners with Genomic Sequencing Incubator Murrieta Genomics

Murrieta Genomics and EncrypGen Enable People to Own and Control Their DNA InformationPartnership Will Advance Putting Genome Sequenced Research Data On Blockchain PlatformMURRIETA CA, December 13, 2018 – Murrieta Genomics, the genomic sequencing business incubator,...

Connecting Consumers with Researchers to Advance Precision Medicine

Issues plaguing the genomic data industry. The imminent threat of data security breaches jeopardize our privacy. Overpriced genomic data controlled by large DNA testing companies makes it difficult for the global research community to access data to advance precision...

DNA Data Marketplace Nurtures a Tokenized Ecosystem

EncrypGen has reached a historical milestone with the world's first blockchain enhanced genomic data marketplace called the Gene-Chain.  The Gene-Chain DNA Data Marketplace puts DNA data owners back in control of their most valuable data and provides a platform...

EncrypGen Launches World’s First Genomic Data Marketplace

World’s First Genomic Data Marketplace “Gene-Chain” By EncrypGen Launches Today All-in-One: Buy and Sell Genomic Data, Purchase DNA Cryptocurrency, and Store DNA Data Lewes, Delaware; Tuesday, November 6, 2018: EncrypGen a blockchain-enhanced genomic data platform is...

Genomics Market on Pace for $24B by 2022, Here’s Why

The global genomics market size was estimated to be around $12 billion in 2016, and it’s been forecasted to reach $23.88 billion by 2022. When you consider the rate at which the cost of sequencing a genome is falling, it’s easy to understand why the number of people...

DecryptMedia: Disrupting 23andMe

EncrypGen thinks you, rather than a middleman, ought to be able to sell your own anonymized DNA data. More than 80% of people who use 23andMe’s DNA-mapping services give consent to have their data used for research. But how many of them know that the 23andMe business...


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