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Weekly Update, June 12, 2017

It’s been quite a week. While we’ve been ramping up our social media outreach for the Token Sale, we’ve also been deep in development and preparing for some hefty demos. These demos are with some very large companies in the genomics realm, and so we’re on the road and conference calls most of the time. All this while I shepard the Token Sale by hand. We didn’t secure one of the many capable ICO launch companies to help for a couple reasons. One is, we are fluid for a couple years with our cash on hand, able to manage the development of the Gene-Chain, but not necessarily make new hires. In other words, we don’t want cash for cash’s sake. We have put most of our time, energy, and concentration into making our hybrid private blockchain for science and, ultimately, for the grassroots. We are relying on the grassroots for the ICO and they are coming through. Some incredible, motivated people who understand what we are trying to build have come to our aid, are spreading the word, and we are seeing more and more people buy tokens of Gene-Chain Coin every day. I am still confident we will meet our 1000 BTC goal and certain that these investments will be well worth it for all involved. The software has really come together, and what Maurizio and Gianni have done is nothing short of miraculous. More and more, interested parties are calling and we are having some promising conversations that will, with little doubt, lead to great things very soon.

Here’s what our software is doing: It is able to point to genomic data stores that the customer wishes to put on the Gene-Chain and put metadata on the blockchain. That blockchain has pointers and can be searched for genomic data. The customer can request to view certain data, negotiate and pay with Gene-Chain Coin for that data, and browse the data they receive with well-known and used open-source browsers. We can generate private keys, time-expirable, for sharing specific data. We can, with Gene-Chain Link implement the Gene-Chain for a customer without altering their current storage solution. Soon we will offer custom storage solutions as well. We also are able to use our proprietary machine learning system to compress genomic data significantly better than most existing genomic data compression. We will implement that solution for companies and others who tend to store whole-genome data.

With the ICO’s success, here’s what we intend to complete next: create a means for individuals to upload their data from any number of sources to the Gene-Chain for safe storage and sharing with doctors and genetic counselors, as well as searchable metadata in case they wish to be able to be recruited into studies. They will be able to be paid for being part of a study via Gene-Chain Coin. We also will build a social-network for those who upload their data to the Gene-Chain for hobbyists and enthusiasts who are developing greater interest in researching their own genomes. We will build an automated consent procedure to make enlistment in studies easier and more ethically sound. Transactions for consent will all be stored on the Gene-Chain as well. We will improve our own, central node with capital improvements, including server space and supercomputing power for whole genomes.

Thanks to you, we are well on our way to revolutionizing how genomic science gets done, as well as democratizing the role of donors in genomic research. We are grateful for your support and enthusiasm for our project.


David Koepsell

CEO & Founder

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This is amazing David.

I’ve been following your project from the start, along with many other ICOs. As a successful investor in many other crypto projects, I can say for sure that this is one of the most undervalued ICOs in recent memory.

I don’t think crypto investors know that software development is almost ready for demo, and that you’re already talking with players in the biotech field. Either way, I’m gonna keep quietly investing 😉


Thank you and tell your friends!!!

This will succeed based on merit, and we will all become so rich our yachts will need large docks to dock in!

The concept grabbed my attention in the first place and that’s why I am here. I think this is gonna be one of the best investments/ decisions of my life. Encrypgen is definitely The Next Big Thing!

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