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Encrypgen Update, July 6, 2017

We’ve been super busy at Encrypgen on a number of fronts. Maurizio and Gianni are finalizing wallets, their functionality, and the explorer for our multichain-based token, which we are calling DNA. We have also had a number of new developments on the business front, including an agreement to partner with Multichain, the amazing platform that has enabled us to do what we need to do with big data on a private blockchain. We continue to move forward with prospects for our first beta-deployment of our first customer node, and hope to finalize one of these very soon. As well, we are continuing to move forward with finalizing the product, even while we wait for the funds from our token sale to be available.

Our team has, since the start, been motivated by passion. We share a commitment to making genomic science easier, to lubricating the flow of important data for use in that science, while protecting the privacy of subjects to a greater extent, and the security of their data more than is possible with current systems. The passion that drives us keeps us moving ever forward. From the start, we intended to build the company on sales of a working product, deploying nodes that make each other node more valuable by virtue of increased ability by each customer to share and transact data. This remains our business model. In that vein, we continue to seek a brave and forward-thinking client who is interested and willing to help make their genomic data storage and sharing more secure, and facilitate what we are trying to create as a new marketplace for that data. Please contact us if you are or know such a potential client and we will negotiate deploying a beta-node.

This week, we also launched a new web portal for the token sale, and also posted a revised version of the white paper, all available here. We also passed the $1 million USD mark in our raise, putting us in great position to finish it strong, and hopefully to reach the 1000 BTC mark we set as our goal. We expect the final week to be active as some of our big buyers compete to finish with the 1 million token prize for biggest overall buyer.

Thank you to all of you for your support, both monetary and emotional. It helps keep us inspired to make the Gene-Chain that will change genomics.

David Koepsell
CEO & Founder

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