The Future of Genomic Data Encryption

EncrypGen provides customers and partners best-in-class, next generation, blockchain security for protecting, sharing and re-marketing genomic data. We empower science, business and individuals to securely and efficiently achieve their goals.

 David Koepsell, JD, PhD

Our Genesis

“With the debate about gene patenting settled by courts banning most patents on naturally-occurring genes, questions about gene ownership needed to be resolved. This time, instead of waiting for public policy to catch up, we decided to make something that creates, tracks, and resolves questions of custody and payment and that makes science and commerce less risky:
The Gene-Chain was born.”

DNA Token

The DNA token is the method of exchange of data on our platform. Using our own DNA token facilitates the trade of data across borders, while helping to avoid the difficulties involved in reflecting changing exchange rates for local currencies around the world. It can be bought and sold on a number of publicly-available exchanges and is readily available. We will also soon include a method of buying the token here on our site.

Key Values of the EncrypGen Gene-Chain


Privacy & Trust

Ease of Use

Efficient, effective and attractive user-friendly interface

Volume of Data

Access to a diverse volume of data

Quality of Data

Usability for medical & scientific research

The World’s First Genomic Data Marketplace

EncrypGen's Gene-Chain is the backbone of the world’s first genomic data marketplace. Built specifically for advancement in industrial/Pharma labs, research centers and universities. The EncrypGen Gene-Chain is a blockchain (a cryptographically encoded ledger) to mediate the searching, storing, sharing, buying and selling of genomic data. It is a private network, meaning to participate, one must join our community, thereby enhancing their security and privacy of genetic data on our global network.


  • Maximizes security for genomic data professionals to protect, share, search, buy, or re-market under-used genomic data. Built specifically for advancement in Industrial/Pharma labs, research centers and universities.
  • Authorized users search unique criteria of data throughout the network.

Help Scientific Research

  • Create your MyGene-Chain profile and make your depersonalized genomic data available to scientist to help advance medical research.
  • You'll earn DNA tokens when you share your genomic data with with researchers and help find better treatments for diseases.


  • Puts you in control of your own DNA and empowers you to protect, share, and maximize your personal wellness plan and potentially sell your de-identified genomic data for research.
  • Participate in a community with aligned values and desire to explore other value added services.

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