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Encrypgen solving problems for the genomics market

Genomics Market on Pace for $24B by 2022, Here’s Why

The global genomics market size was estimated to be around $12 billion in 2016, and it’s been forecasted to reach $23.88 billion by 2022. When you consider the rate at which the cost of sequencing a genome is falling, it’s easy to understand why the number of people getting their DNA tested is increasing exponentially. […]

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EncrypGen and Nebula are no longer competing in the blockchain space

HACKED: As Encrypgen Nears The Finish Line, A Competitor Drops Out

By Chris Matthews Several weeks ago, I wrote an introductory article on Encrypgen.  Due to several requests and a major development, I feel a second article is warranted.  I will provide a quick summary but new readers should definitely check out the first article. Background Encrypgen (DNA) is the undisputed leader in the genomic blockchain security space.  […]

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23andMe inform you about your DNA but, under the guise of market research, is selling it for a profit. EncrypGen thinks that individual DNA data owners should have the right to sell their data directly to researchers and has built the world's first genomic data marketplace.

DecryptMedia: Disrupting 23andMe

EncrypGen thinks you, rather than a middleman, ought to be able to sell your own anonymized DNA data. More than 80% of people who use 23andMe’s DNA-mapping services give consent to have their data used for research. But how many of them know that the 23andMe business model depends on selling that data to third-party researchers? It looks like a great business for […]

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Encrypgen DNA genomic data marketplace

The Race for Genomic Data

The potential for genomic data to transform what we know about the human body and health is huge. It has been tipped to revolutionize how healthcare is administered, to the point where medical treatments will more frequently be tailored to an individual, rather than utilizing drug therapies that are applied to the masses with similar […]

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GeneChain beta launch

Hacked: EncrypGen’s Beta Launch Sends Token Soaring

Hacked Columnist Chris Matthews Shines Light on EncrypGen’s Recent Rise   Published  on August 17, 2018 By Chris Matthews    Encrypgen (DNA) provides customers and partners best-in-class, next generation, blockchain security for protecting, sharing and re-marketing genomic data. Although the company has only been around for a few years, it appears to be a major player in […]

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Encrypgen is building the world's first DNA marketplace

Cashing in on DNA: race on to unlock value in genetic data

Reuters columnist Ben Hirschler speaks with EncrypGen CEO, Dr. David Koepsell to discuss the next-gen DNA marketplace. LONDON (Reuters) – How much is your DNA worth? As millions of people pay for home tests to check on ancestry or health risks, genetic data is becoming an increasingly valuable resource for drugmakers, triggering a race to create a […]

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MyHeritage Hack Leaks Data of 92 Million Users. Could Blockchain Help Prevent Future Breaches?

June 8, 2018 by George Levy for Bitsonline originally posted at According to a release by genealogy and DNA testing service MyHeritage, user details for more than 92 million accounts were discovered in a private server. Although no user DNA information was found in the leaked data, the MyHeritage hack discovered by an outside security researcher highlights […]

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