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Encrypgen is building the world's first DNA marketplace

Cashing in on DNA: race on to unlock value in genetic data

Reuters columnist Ben Hirschler speaks with EncrypGen CEO, Dr. David Koepsell to discuss the next-gen DNA marketplace. LONDON (Reuters) – How much is your DNA worth? As millions of people pay for home tests to check on ancestry or health risks, genetic data is becoming an increasingly valuable resource for drugmakers, triggering a race to create a […]

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MyHeritage Hack Leaks Data of 92 Million Users. Could Blockchain Help Prevent Future Breaches?

June 8, 2018 by George Levy for Bitsonline originally posted at According to a release by genealogy and DNA testing service MyHeritage, user details for more than 92 million accounts were discovered in a private server. Although no user DNA information was found in the leaked data, the MyHeritage hack discovered by an outside security researcher highlights […]

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How Much Money Can You Make Selling Your DNA?

The DNA revolution is on the way. Thanks, largely, to the reduction in the cost of DNA testing and sequencing, getting tested is growing in popularity. The trend isn’t just popular among consumers interested in their ancestry. The scientific research and pharma communities are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy genomic data to […]

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personal genomics on blockchain

How Personal Genomics Will Reduce Healthcare Costs

Has your doctor ever prescribed a treatment or drug therapy that didn’t work? Did you then go for a second doctor visit and get a second or third prescription that finally did the job?  You are certainly not alone, nor are the millions of cancer, cardiac and other patients who cycle through a number of […]

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EncrypGen and Emrify partnership

EncrypGen Announces Strategic Partnership with Emrify

EncrypGen Announces Strategic Partnership with Emrify Today Urging Other Companies Within Health/Wellness Industry to Provide Security and Incentives to Consumers via Blockchain EncrypGen and Emrify empower consumers with tools and incentives to secure and own all of their DNA and health data via Blockchain; Emrify announcing ICO next week. Lewes, Delaware; Tuesday, May 8, 2018: […]

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Your Genes on a Blockchain

The Initiative Aimed at Securing Personal Genomic Data Marks the Start of a Revolution If you’ve signed up for 23 and Me,, or other DNA testing services, then you have in most cases given them permission to sell your data to others and didn’t even know you were doing it. You paid them to […]

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