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The Big $DNA Token Swap

1 February, 2021 by

We are excited that Coinmetro has agreed to list the $DNA token on their exchange, which makes it widely available, including and especially to US users and researchers. To accomplish this we are upgrading the DNA token from its current, older erc20 standard to a newer one with some helpful governance features which is compatible… Read more

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Mid-year Update, June 2020

13 June, 2020 by

In November 2018 we became the first genomic blockchain free market for data to go online. As of today, we remain the only such marketplace. Other companies that came along in 2017 promising to develop similar products have all deviated from the model, offering subscriptions, of shares in public benefit corps, or other models, none… Read more

EncrypGen Bond Sale Concludes

24 March, 2021 by

This week, our bond sale concluded with a total of about $200,000 USD raised. The sale was hosted on CoinMetro’s Ignium platform. The bonds are security tokens, convertible to equity after two years, or redeemable for the original investment. The purpose of the sale was to help us to jumpstart our user base. We know… Read more

March 12, 2021 Live Video Update from Dr. Koepsell

12 March, 2021 by

Dr. Koepsell updates on website redesign, partnership with Indygeneus.ai, Security Token Offering, and more.

Your new DNA tokens

10 February, 2021 by

The swap has concluded and if you had your tokens as we suggested in an Ethereum wallet like Metamask or MEW, or on the Gene-Chain, you will have access to your new tokens. From your Ethereum wallet, add the new smart contract address, usually with the choice to “add custom token” This is the new… Read more

2020 Year-end recap and looking ahead to 2021

25 December, 2020 by

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. We have been lucky. We did not go out of business, we aren’t among the millions dead, jobless, homeless, or permanently injured. But like all businesses, we had to adapt, and suffered setbacks that related largely to the chilling effects on the economy of a global pandemic. Nevertheless… Read more

Murrieta Genomics and Encrypgen partnership

EncrypGen and Nebula collaborate!

3 March, 2020 by

EncrypGen and Nebula Genomics announce a historic cooperative effort to spread 30x whole genome sequencing to the masses. Orders of magnitude better than most genetic testing, Nebula’s tests will provide vital information about your genetic makeup, and EncrypGen’s Gene-Chain allows you to anonymously share de-identified data with researchers while earning money back. This duo makes… Read more

The EncrypGen Year in Review

16 December, 2019 by

In 2017, when we first began this journey, the idea of using blockchain to help secure and monetize individual genomic data ownership for research was still novel. We are proud to have paved the way for a flurry of imitators who have emerged since then. Few have persevered as we have to reach both the… Read more

The DNA Economy

30 August, 2019 by

When we first thought up the idea of the Gene-Chain, we had a grand conception of creating an entire economy. DNA, we thought, is the one thing every living human being has, and its value when found in less-advantaged populations may even be greater than in those found in the developed world. Truly, we thought,… Read more

On $DNA Tokenomics

10 July, 2019 by

We suggest ignoring the price of the $DNA token for now. It is not related yet to anything except speculation, and as a utility coin – the sole currency of the Gene-Chain – it should not be speculated upon. It should be used in commerce, and it is being used that way a bit more… Read more