Issues plaguing the genomic data industry.

  • The imminent threat of data security breaches jeopardize our privacy.
  • Overpriced genomic data controlled by large DNA testing companies makes it difficult for the global research community to access data to advance precision medicine and discover cures for diseases.
  • Consumers don’t like the fact that DNA testing companies are earning hundreds of millions of dollars selling their customer’s DNA data to Big Pharma labs.

EncrypGen provides solutions.

  • EncrypGen has a blockchain based solution for the Genomic Data Industry that benefits individual data owners, researchers and the advancement of new medical treatments that will lead to more efficient and effective healthcare.

With data security breaches making headlines regularly and major DNA testing companies selling and re-selling access to their customer’s data to the high bidding pharma labs, EncrypGen founder and CEO, Dr. David Koepsell feels it’s imperative that individual DNA owners control how their most sensitive data is being stored and shared. EncrypGen’s blockchain based Gene-Chain DNA Data Marketplace puts ownership and control of genomic data back in the hands of individuals and provides a means for them to monetize it, by selling their raw DNA data files to researchers.

Advancing Medical Research with a Diverse Range of DNA

Sharing a diverse range of genomic profiles with researchers and doctors is paramount to advancing precision medicine and discovering more efficient and effective drug therapies and cures for diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Heart Disease. At EncrypGen, we feel that if a person opts to share their data with researchers, they should know that data is being stored and transferred securely and that they, not a 3rd party testing company, should be getting paid for scientific use of their DNA data.

Blockchain Functionality and Security

Built on a foundation of security, privacy and trust, EncrypGen uses blockchain technology to keep data transactions transparent and secure.To address concerns about data security, EncrypGen developed a proprietary blockchain (a cryptographically encoded ledger) called the Gene-Chain. The Gene-Chain is an immutable ledger that requires transactions to be verified by multiple servers around the world. Because transactional data is not stored in any central location, blockchain platforms offer no central target for hackers to attack, making it a safer and more secure manner of transferring and logging data. EncrypGen uses the “Gene-Chain” (blockchain) to mediate the searching, storing, sharing, buying and selling of genomic data.

An Open Market

EncrypGen's cryptocurrency DNA tokens are available on crypto exchangesEncrypGen built the Gene-Chain DNA Data Marketplace to put DNA data owners back in control of their most valuable data and to provide a platform for health minded individuals, scientific researchers, doctors and pharmaceutical companies to buy and sell DNA data and health related services. The mission is to take control of the data and its pricing away from the DNA testing companies and give it to the data owners so that they may capitalize on its value while also making buying and selling of genomic data available to scientific studies and medical research in industrial Pharma labs, research centers, universities and independent labs of all sizes. EncrypGen’s DNA token and (soon) other cryptocurrencies facilitate transactions between individuals interested in selling their de-identified DNA data and the scientific research and pharma community that wants to buy DNA profiles to use in medical research. DNA tokens are available on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. To see a list of exchanges and coin pairings, click here. To Buy DNA tokens now, click here.