EncrypGen Announces Strategic Partnership with Emrify Today Urging Other Companies Within Health/Wellness Industry to Provide Security and Incentives to Consumers via Blockchain

EncrypGen and Emrify empower consumers with tools and incentives to secure and own all of their DNA and health data via Blockchain; Emrify announcing ICO next week.

Lewes, Delaware; Tuesday, May 8, 2018: EncrypGen a startup empowering consumers, researchers, and businesses to share genetic data with one another using blockchain for enhanced privacy and security while paying each other with the DNA coin is announcing a strategic partnership with fellow startup Emrify today.

The partnership is very important to the DNA/Health/Wellness/Fitness industry due to both EncrypGen and Emrify sharing critical values including: that individuals should own their medical, genomic and health/wellness data while having a safe, secure platform for their data via blockchain. EncrypGen gives people control and ownership over their genetic data for science and health, and tokenizes that relationship, which complements Emrify’s broader, health record management platform.

“The future of healthcare hinges on the collection and aggregation of both genetic and personal health information on a massive scale. This is the holy grail of modern medicine,” remarks CEO of Emrify, Tom Nguyen.  “Today’s partnership between Emrify and EncrypGen is tackling all fronts empowering consumers with tools and incentives to unlock and own all of their health data.”

EncrypGen and Emrify both provide mechanisms for data management and tracking, and leverage blockchains to help safeguard data. Both startups agree that working together for a common goal is important by creating an open platform for health information exchange through the DNA and HIT tokens to pave the way for more health blockchain networks to connect in the future.

“EncrypGen shares Emrify’s values about individual empowerment and ownership and is looking forward to a bright future of health blockchains working together,” states CEO of EncrypGen, David Koepsell. “Today, we are calling out other companies within the industry to use our partnership as a talking point and join us in the mission of bringing the future of genomic, health, wellness and medical blockchain to the forefront to every consumer.”

With the coming influx of personal health data, EncrypGen and Emrify are inviting health stakeholders to connect to see how the blockchain health exchange can reduce costs and improve outcomes for consumers. In particular, patient-centric health organizations such as clinical trials, telehealth, DNA testing and population health are encouraged to collaborate.

This week, Emrify is announcing an ICO to create a vibrant ecosystem to tokenize health data as an asset with the HIT token to create incentives for everyone to contribute health data. The funds raised will be used towards the development and growth strategy that is crucial to overcome the network effect for a sustainable platform.

EncrypGen raised 500k USD in the 1st quarter of 2017 via seed funding and had a token sale ending in July 2017 that raised 300 BTC (almost $2.7M USD).

If you would like to learn more about EncrypGen and Emrify’s partnership or become part of this initiative, please contact drkoepsell@  


EncrypGen creates software (The Gene-Chain) that empowers consumers, researchers, and businesses to share genetic data with one another using a blockchain for enhanced privacy and security while paying each other with the DNA coin. Husband and wife team, Dr. Vanessa Gonzalez and Dr. David Koepsell founded the company in December 2016. Dr. Gonzalez is a genomic scientist, and Dr. Koepsell is a philosopher/lawyer who both wanted to leverage blockchain technology to provide greater privacy for the sharing of genomic data for individuals, and to give them a means to sell their data, and at the same time make more data available for scientists.  Follow EncrypGen via socials here: Facebook,  Twitter,  YouTube, LinkedIn, Telegram, Discord, Reddit.


Emrify is launching a decentralized Personal Health Record platform on top of the Ethereum public blockchain to deliver trusted health information to the right hands at the right time anywhere in the world. With years of building consumer engagement mobile apps, Emrify is laser-focused on collecting and locking up data for each person for complete ownership and control to freely share their data. Our top priority is to create attractive cryptoeconomics models to incentivize health data sharing for all parties. With strategic US partnerships with hospitals and doctors, Emrify is building on top of established prototypes to accelerate the launch of production interfaces to firmly establish the Utility Token in healthcare. Join the revolution and be the CEO of your health.