The DNA Data Marketplace

A peer-to-peer tokenized marketplace to buy and sell
genomic data, health science products and services.


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The Gene-Chain DNA Marketplace connects people with DNA test results with genomic data buyers and other health related service providers.

At EncrypGen, we’re not only bringing together a global marketplace, we’re nurturing an ecosystem of scientists, doctors, pharma labs, universities, health care professionals, non-profit organizations and health minded individuals who want to accelerate the speed of scientific discovery to develop precision medical treatments, find cures for diseases and reduce the cost of healthcare. 

Getting Started is Easy

Create a Profile

Creating a genomic profile and uploading your raw DNA data file is free and easy. For added security, EncrypGen de-identifies your DNA by stripping it away from your personal data.

Link a DNA Wallet

Link a digital wallet to send and receive DNA tokens. You may use a crypto exchange wallet or a private metamask wallet. Get one for free and learn how to install it here.

Send/Receive DNA

DNA data owners and other service providers in the Gene-Chain Marketplace are paid with DNA tokens. Here is a list of cryptocurrency exchanges where DNA tokens may be bought and exhanged.

Got DNA? Get Paid…Repeatedly

DNA testing companies have been making hundreds of millions of dollars selling their customer’s data to pharmaceutical labs…repeatedly.  In fact, 23andMe revealed that each of its customer’s data is used in an average of 200 studies. At EncrypGen, we think that you, and only you should be in control of who has access to your most valuable and sensitive data, and if you choose to share it with scientists and doctors to help advance medical research, you should be the one getting paid. That’s why we built the Gene-Chain DNA Data Marketplace. Now, you can be the one getting paid  to sell your DNA data to research labs…repeatedly.

Individuals with DNA data to sell, Register / Login.

EncrypGen Puts You in Control

If you’ve already had your DNA tested, simply create a Gene-Chain profile, upload your raw DNA data file, then check the box to indicate whether you want to make your de-identified genomic data available to researchers in the Gene-Chain Marketplace.  The more detail you provide in your genomic profile, the more valuable it is to researchers.

Creating a Gene-Chain profile is easy and free. Register today and start making money while helping advance medical research.

No DNA data yet? No problem, click here to order a DNA test kit.

Buy DNA Data

The Gene-Chain DNA Marketplace was built with the scientific and pharmacogenomic research community in mind.  Researchers can browse through a diverse sample of de-identified genomic profiles. Registered DNA data buyers in the scientific, medical and pharmacogenomic community, may pay for access to data sets that include raw DNA files and detailed genomic profiles that include ancestry, family medical history, lifestyle and dozens of other filertable data points.

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Join the Gene-Chain Marketplace

EncrypGen created the Gene-Chain Marketplace to nurture an ecosystem of health minded individuals, scientists, doctors, pharmaceutical labs and other health related organizations. EncrypGen partners with DNA and health science related product and service providers to help individuals and organizations test, analyze and manage their data and their health.

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