Several weeks ago, I wrote an introductory article on Encrypgen.  Due to several requests and a major development, I feel a second article is warranted.  I will provide a quick summary but new readers should definitely check out the first article.


Encrypgen (DNA) is the undisputed leader in the genomic blockchain security space.  Last month, Encrypgen released a beta version of its Gene-Chain.  Consumers will be able to safely upload and store their genomic data on the Gene-Chain.  In addition, consumers will be able to earn passive income by selling their data to researchers.  Investors and researchers were eagerly waiting for that release which caused a temporary explosion in the DNA token price.  Encrypgen continues to progress and expects to release the working version of the Gene-Chain within the next few months.

Competitor Drops Out

The genomic space is getting a lot of attention lately.  And with lots of attention and relatively few barriers to entry, competition is natural.  Until recently, Nebula Genomics was seen as the primary competitor to Encrypgen in the genomic blockchain space.  Nebula put together a great team and generated a lot of buzz.  In August, the company received a $4.3 million seed round from several VC firms.

Throughout the process, Nebula was claiming to be a blockchain company.  In Telegram (a popular method for companies to communicate with investors), Nebula was telling people that the future plan was to do an ICO.  However, that has all changed and it appears Nebula has said “goodbye” to crypto. (Read the full article)

By Chris Matthews
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