IN THIS VIDEO You’ll learn how to reclaim your DNA data files from 23andme with step by step instructions that walk you through how to download your raw DNA data file from 23andme and upload it to the Gene-Chain where you can get paid for selling your de-identified DNA data to researchers.

You’ll also learn how to create a de-personalized profile to help researchers filter their searches for genomic data, and how to add a wallet address so that you can get paid for selling your de-personalized DNA data if you choose to do so. Got questions? Ask our community on Telegram at

Did you know that big DNA testing companies like 23andme and sell their customer’s DNA data to big Pharma labs and other researchers. That’s good for scientific research and it’s great for the testing labs who are making millions by selling their customers data, but is it good for you, the customer who paid to have your DNA tested? Not only are you paying to be the testing lab’s DNA data supplier, but you have no idea where your most sensitive data has been sent or how securely it’s being transferred and stored. EncrypGen is changing that with a blockchain solution built on Security, Privacy and Trust. The purpose of this blockchain based platform is not only to put individual DNA data owners like you back in complete control of their most private and valuable data, but also to provide a platform that allows you, the data owner, to get paid for selling your de-personalized genomic data to researchers and Pharma labs, rather than letting the testing companies double dip when they charge you to test your DNA and then sell your results to the highest bidder. After all, it’s your DNA. If anybody is going to get paid for it, shouldn’t it be you? EncrypGen facilitates the searching, buying and selling of genomic data on the Gene-Chain. Transactions are directly between data buyers and data owners and are paid for with EncrypGen’s DNA token, a cryptocurrency available on a number of exchanges including, OKEx, Cryptopia and others.