How to Increase the Likelihood of Selling Your Genomic Data

Now that we have a free market for genomic data, it’s important to understand what scientists and researchers are looking for and what they are willing to pay so you can improve your sellability in the Gene-Chain Marketplace and increase the likelihood of selling your genomic data profile repeatedly.  

The market for DNA data testing is erupting as a mass consumer market. The reason it is such a lucrative market for DNA testing companies is because the DNA that you submit to them is resold to research groups around the world, repeatedly, generating hundreds of millions in revenue for the DNA testing companies.

At EncrypGen we feel that the data owners should be compensated for their contribution to Pharma labs. EncrypGen built the Gene-Chain Marketplace so that money can go directly into your hands, rather than the testing company you paid to test your DNA sample. To make your genetic test data valuable to scientists and and more likely to be bought, researchers need other data about you. While raw DNA data is interesting to those of us looking to learn about our ancestry and whether or not we carry the gene for a certain type of cancer, the raw data alone is not very valuable to researchers.

The Data Researchers Want

What researchers are really after is a combination of two key components;  genomic DNA which is simply the raw data file from your DNA test results that shows the variations in the genetic alphabet of A, C, T, and G (the symbols for the molecular components of all DNA) that comprises your unique genetic code, and they also want data about your health, lifestyle, behaviors, and physical attributes. Combined, this data paints a more complete picture that doctors and scientists can gain insight from.

Most diseases are influenced by a cluster of genes working together. Polygenic diseases are most common and consists of more than one gene causing disease. Researchers need to find correlations in the data in order to gain any insights, and that would include your personal profile information.

23andMe and other commercial genetic testing companies have staked their billions of dollars of market valuation on their ability to combine raw genetic data with user-reported information about health, behaviors, etc., and reselling the combination of data to pharmaceutical companies and others doing basic research. That combination has been met with great demand in the marketplace, but consumers are not reaping the benefits. If we are to compete with that model, and to provide value to science and to individuals selling their data directly to researchers, we need to create similar value to what the commercial testing companies offer. This means completing your profile data as thoroughly and accurately as possible and pricing it competitively. The more thorough your profile is and the more competitively priced, the more likely you are to have interested buyers. Since the Gene-Chain is a free market and buyers are not getting exclusive rights to data, you may sell it repeatedly, month after month, year after year as more research studies and more buyers join the Gene-Chain.

Increasing the sellability of your data on the Gene-Chain will serve to benefit you as the rightful owner and the advancement of research too. Sign-Up now so you can start getting paid for providing researchers access to your de-identified genomic data and help accelerate genomic science and precision medicine.