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Viazoi is an EncrypGen Gene-Chain Marketplace Partner

Advanced research has granted unprecedented access to the science within each of us and the knowledge of how to make the best choices for our body and well-being.  The underlying foundation of this knowledge is DNA.  The wisdom within our DNA empowers us to make the best choices about the foods we eat, products we use and the environment we live in. It’s the combination of our genetics and our life choices that make up our unique biology, we call it U-ology. At viazoi, our scientists and medical experts will analyze your DNA to create personalized programs based on your biology. From DNA testing to molecular microbe analysis, we use your U-ology to tailor a wellness program that is as unique as you.

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Murrieta Genomics operates a genomic sequencing laboratory and business incubator to advance life science, agriculture, veterinary and forensic sciences by offering researchers the technology and mentorship needed to move concepts from the lab to the market.

The Codigo 46 report is a non-invasive DNA test based on a buccal swab to obtain and analyze your DNA in order to give you personalized information about disease risk, pharmacogenomics and ancestry. Codigo 46 believes genetic information is a powerful tool for each individual to take control of their wellbeing and together, build a better and healthier future. 

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The partnership is very important to the DNA/Health/Wellness/Fitness industry due to both EncrypGen and Emrify sharing critical values including: that individuals should own their medical, genomic and health/wellness data while having a safe, secure platform for their data via blockchain. EncrypGen gives people control and ownership over their genetic data for science and health, and tokenizes that relationship, which complements Emrify’s broader, health record management platform. 

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Genomics Personalized Health facilitates access to whole genome sequencing done at CLIA certified labs. We require that genome sequencing is both a Physician ordered process with Physician oversight of results. The intended use of the genomic data is for informational and educational purposes only, for individuals interested in preventative wellness and long term quality of life. Ask your doctor how he or she might integrate your genomic profile in to your health management and treatment plan., the worlds largest App Store for personal genomics, empowers healthcare professionals, researchers and consumers with the ability to tap into genetic data for deep and rich insights. Our Universal Genetic Data Compatibility enables apps to be able to process genetic data from any laboratory and any testing technology, including whole genome and exome sequencing and microarrays. The company also provides developers with easy-to-use API’s and mobile plugins for creating and selling DNA-powered apps.

Health Wizz is a secure mobile platform that provides consumers with the necessary tools for aggregating, organizing and sharing their medical health records over the blockchain. Founded in 2016 Health Wizz is on a mission to empower consumers with the necessary tools to better manage their health and medical records. Health Wizz will soon be offering their products and services in the Gene-Chain Marketplace.