We are driven by what the market needs and wants… always will be. The Gene-Chain was built on the foundation of Security, Privacy and Trust. Our genomic blockchain market is a communuity that will continuously advocate for security and protection of consumer rights, superior service, and acceleration of advancement in genomic data use. Working with you, our clients, customers and partners, we strive for continuous improvement for enhanced value and loyalty.


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Built for individual consumers who want to secure, share, and potentially re-market their de-identified genomic data. Further, an opportunity to participate in a community with aligned values and desire to explore other value added services.

EncrypGen's Gene-Chain is the world's first genomic data marketplace

Gene-Chain Beta

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Built for professional Genomic Data Users; R&D Pharma, Medical Centers, Institutional Academic and Sequencing companies. This is our most robust and versatile product that will be available Q3 2018, for securing sharing, searching, buying and re-selling high volumes of data. Users will enjoy the full breadth of file security, unlimited publishing and searching of data sets; meta data, indexing, unique variants, qualities and gene types. Contact us for a product demonstration and a unique evaluation for product structure to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your process to meet your company's needs.


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We are continuously expanding our resources that share our values of security and individual ownership and control. Yes, they agree – You own you! Click here to work with one of your preferred vendors that will help you get the data you want or need. Then, simply come back with your data  and get started.