Meet the Team


David Koepsell, J.D/Ph.D
CEO & Co-founder

With a background in law, ethics, and having authored numerous books and articles on genes, ownership, and ethics, as well as a short stint in a software company. David brings his interest and expertise together to guide the development of systems to enchance the value of genomic databases, while protecting donors and making them stakeholders.

Vanessa Gonzalez Covarrubias, Ph.D
Co-founder & Genomic Science Advisor

Vanessa has a decade of experience in genetic science, including research and publications in numerous journals, and currently researches pharmacogenomics, the foundational science behinds the nascent field of personal medical genomics.

Core Management Team

Joseph Cawley

Entrepreneurial corporate development & investment banking advisor to UHNW owners, Boards and C-Suites. Possesses twenty-five plus years of in-country international operating and cross border transaction experience throughout APAC, EMEA and the Americas, start-up to IPO C-Suite operator experience, and early stage tech venture capital fund Managing Director experience. This understanding of both the buy and sell side transaction perspectives allows him to position, design, and execute to maximize client value. An expert in strategic planning & analysis, transaction execution & design, financial modeling & valuation, he has generated and executed dozens of M&A, strategic partnership, and capital related transactions as an external independent advisor valued in the mid nine figures. He has a B.A. in Political Science from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MBA in Strategic Management & Corporate Finance from The University of Georgia.

Notis Gasparis
Lead Developer

Notis brings over 20 years experience holding several software development positions among many global companies. He holds a BSc in Computer Science, an MSc in Distributed Systems and a PhD in Software Engineering. He has also held positions at the University of Essex and Goldsmiths College.


Monica Sandoval
US Account Liaison

Monica joins the team with an impressive background. Having served as both a marketing director for a publishing company and VP in sales at a major financial institution, she has acquired an astute command of marketing, lending and sales principles. We are excited to have her aboard and welcome you to contact her regarding any of your marketing related needs.

Benji Leibowitz
Business Development Intern

Benji hails from La Jolla and is currently a senior BS/MS student in Chemical & Biological Engineering at Northwestern. He has experience in engineering, finance, and business development in the medical devices and genomics spaces. He is currently doing Thesis research in synthetic biology, and helps the EncrypGen team automate business development workflows. Benji believes that creating a health data sharing network will enable individuals and researchers alike, and works to increase use of the platform.

Board of Directors

Chair of the Board

Co-founder and Genomic Science Advisor, Vanessa has a decade of experience in genetic science, including research and publications in numerous journals, and currently researches pharmacogenomics, the foundational science behind the nascent field of personal medical genomics.

Co-Founder of EncrypGen and Adjunct Professor, University at Buffalo. Author of Who Owns You?

Board Member

Amnon is the Principal Scientist at the, thinktank. Amnon programmed for and consulted start-ups, multinationals, and hedge funds in Tel Aviv, and high-tech industries in London, where he’s held academic positions, most recently at the University of Essex.

Board Member

Business strategy and operations advisor, Dr. Hwa brings product development and management experience from a long career at Xerox. He earned his Doctorate in Chemical Engineering, from Georgia Tech.


Barry Smith, Ph.D.  Advisor, gene-ontology and data objects

Barry is Director, National Center for Ontological Research; Affiliate Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Computer Science and Engineering, and Neurology at the University at Buffalo. and Fellow, American College of Medical Informatics.

Amnon H. Eden, Ph.D.  Advisor, Computer Scientist

Amnon is the Principal Scientist at the thinktank. Amnon programmed for and consulted start-ups, multinationals, and hedge funds in Tel Aviv and London high-tech industries, and held academic positions, most recently at the University of Essex.

Nick Lynch PhD, Advisor, informatics and pharmaceutics

Founder, Curlew Research & CTO Open PHACTS Foundation. Nick has worked for >20 years in pharma research (biotechs, informatics companies and global pharma) delivering data analytics and services across R&D.

Richard E. Shute, B. Pharm. Ph.D.  Advisor, Medicinal Chemist, Informatician, Blockchain Innovator. 

Richard worked for over 25 years in global pharma (ICI/Zeneca/AstraZeneca) in drug discovery projects and as an IS/IT/Informatics relationship manager.  He now consults for Curlew Research, and has presented on blockchain and on the new genomics marketplace.

Sambhav has worked for over 12 years in the life science industry, fulfilling a variety of roles in product management, product development, business development, and marketing. He has successfully led commercial projects for neurology and oncology products targeting academic, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic markets.

Alliances and Memberships

Genomic Blockchain Consortium

Initiated by, Dr. Koepsell, an open invitation to all current and would-be competitors to come together for consumer rights and the acceleration of advancement in genomics data use. This will foster collaboration in the development of a true global, Genomic Blockchain Consortium. Current members include EncrypGen Inc. and MyGenomeBank. Learn more

Curlew Research is an Organizational partner.

Founded in 2015,  Curlew Research are enjoying supporting a range of Pharma & Technology customers with their health and life science innovation projects, and excited by the potential of Blockchain to support future healthcare needs.

Sapience is a strategic partner.

Sapience Project is a think tank and public policy institute located in London, UK, primarily involved in research regarding intelligent computing and its impact on economies and societies.


The diverse members of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health are working together to create interoperable approaches to catalyze projects that will help unlock the great potential of genomic data.


Inception nurtures dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI and data science. This virtual accelerator program helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment.


MultiChain helps organizations to build and deploy blockchain applications with speed.

This is a software tool for web asset and legal contracts on blockchain, allows its customers to control whether the chain is private or public, how big the block is, and who can connect to the network.

IT leaders rely on this tool to stay agile as they adopt blockchain technology because they can deploy unlimited blockchains per server for cross-chain applications, providing them with full control of their own open digital ledgers. Blockchain is all about creating trust through transparency over public networks, and MultiChain has begun to emerge as a leading tool to facilitate that, although it’s also certainly not the only choice