The Big $DNA Token Swap

1 February, 2021 by

We are excited that Coinmetro has agreed to list the $DNA token on their exchange, which makes it widely available, including and especially to US users and researchers. To accomplish this we are upgrading the DNA token from its current, older erc20 standard to a newer one with some helpful governance features which is compatible with the Coinmetro platform. After the swap, the token will be fully useable on Coinmetro. We are targeting Friday, Feb 5 for the swap.

Everyone who has their DNA tokens either on the Gene-Chain platform wallet or in an ethereum wallet like My Ether Wallet or Metamask will get the same number of new DNA tokens. We will post the contract address and decimals so you can add them once the swap is finished. Please do not leave tokens on any third-party exchange or liquidity pool. The Gene-Chain marketplace will undergo some engineering around the new erc20 token once the swap occurs. This will also help fix current CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listing issues. The wallets will be offline during that period but your funds and monthly awards will be safe and accounted for and genomic data can be uploaded to your profiles any time during that process.

We are extremely excited about Coinmetro’s partnership and grateful to Parsiq for their expertise in the token contract.

Thanks for your patience, we will keep you updated. The future is bright for genomic data on the Gene-Chain!

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