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Weekly Update, June 20, 2017

We are moving swiftly but deliberately to get the Gene-Chain up and running. While we have run it successfully on our experimental nodes and in demos for prospective customers, we are looking still for that first customer to purchase a license and install a beta-deployment. We are close. These past two weeks have brought us increased exposure, we have done demos in San Diego and this week in Mexico, and expect very soon that we will install our first Gene-Chain node. After that, look for a chain-reaction, so to speak.

The value of the Gene-Chain grows exponentially with every deployment due to the network effect. Two members of the Gene-Chain will realize their value not just by storing more safely their information, but mainly through allowing each other to browse and potentially access that data… for a fee… payable in Gene-Chain Coins, our currency for transactions on the Gene-Chain.

Every day, news of harmful hacks comes to light. It is too often the case that sensitive data is not properly protected, such as the recently accidentally released database with information on nearly 200 million Americans. Luckily, most genomic data is stored more carefully, but we should maintain a greater level of caution with such personal data. We want to assist in those efforts with our Gene-Chain solution before some large breach reveals too much about even one person.

Most firms that deal in genomic data realize the care they must take, and until now the enhanced privacy and security afforded by blockchain technology has not been available to genomic data storage. Now that it is, and as the word gets out, we know that cautious custodians of genomic data will employ it to take the utmost care with our very personal data.

We hope to give you news shortly of our first beta-deployments, partnerships, and other exciting developments under way. We are gratified by the swelling grassroots movement building up around our Token Sale which has already sold future Gene-Chain Coins to over 100 supporters eager to help in development and participate in this revolution. We have posted a rough road map for the next stages of development. Meanwhile, our team is working non-stop to help realize the Gene-Chain future.


David Koepsell

CEO & Founder

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