Your new DNA tokens

10 February, 2021 by

The swap has concluded and if you had your tokens as we suggested in an Ethereum wallet like Metamask or MEW, or on the Gene-Chain, you will have access to your new tokens. From your Ethereum wallet, add the new smart contract address, usually with the choice to “add custom token”

This is the new smart contract address: 0xef6344de1fcfc5f48c30234c16c1389e8cdc572c

We are still re-engineering the Gene-Chain around the new token, so for the moment the wallet functions are turned off, but once we finish, in a week or so, you will be able to deposit the new DNA token to buy data, or withdraw your tokens earned by selling data to the new token. As mentioned in our last update, the token is available world wide now on Coinmetro. This is a huge breakthrough for the Gene-Chain, allowing researchers and our customers to take part in our unique, genomic data free market no matter where on Earth they are.

Thanl you for your support and patience!

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